What Color Should You Choose for Your New Deck?

When planning your new decking Chicago project, there are several choices to be made, such as the kind of rails to use, the location of the stairs, and whether to use wood or synthetic materials. The color of the deck floor might be one of the most crucial choices in the process, whether you choose synthetic decking or wood decking that has to be stained. It may have a significant influence on how much time you spend using and maintaining the deck as well as how much return on your investment you get.

Even while certain color combinations may result in a more attractive deck than others, there are a few factors to take into account before investing your hard-earned money in a deck that will likely be there for decades.

Considerations for Deck Color Selection

The temperature and environment where you live should be taken into consideration when choosing the color of your deck. Certain colors could be a better option than others depending on the surrounding circumstances. For instance, being covered in pollen is a springtime tradition here, therefore many local buyers may choose a lighter-colored decks.

Additionally, choosing a lighter deck color rather than a darker one may be advisable if your location has hot summers. Darker-colored decks will absorb heat from the intense summer sun, making it extremely difficult to utilize the deck in the afternoon and early evening if it is on the south side of your home.

When selecting a color for your deck, keep in mind things like muddy footprints and pet and child stains. Lighter-colored decks make it simpler to notice mud, filth, and stains according to deck repair Chicago experts. Therefore, a deck staining in a darker shade can be a better choice if you have pets, small children, or both.

Establishing Compromise

If you’re having problems picking between a dark or a light color for your deck. One option is to paint the majority of the deck floor a neutral, medium color and then add a border in your preferred dark color. This will provide a striking difference and distinguish your deck from the rest. To contrast the lighter deck refinishing Chicago floor and add additional dark accents, you may also utilize a black or dark-brown railing.