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When it comes to renovating your deck, you want your investment to be worth every penny. Here at ANR Local Deck Repair, we pride ourselves in quality work and customer satisfaction, offering the best decking Wheaton services since 2013. Whether residential or commercial, we offer deck repair for a safe and sturdy deck, and deck refinishing for a brand new look. We start with deck cleaning via deck power washing to remove all dirt and grime till it shines. If it still looks worn, we follow with deck refinishing Wheaton, applying quality deck staining, deck sealing, and deck waterproofing Wheaton so your deck is ready for anything. 

Our team of professional contractors prides itself on a job done right, so you know you’re in good hands. Your deck is an important outdoor space for family, or clients, and staff, so we make sure it looks amazing and is firm and secure. For top-quality decking Wheaton, call ANR today.

Check Our Deck Repair Wheaton Services Deck Cleaning & Deck Staining Wheaton

Deck Repair

With our quality services in deck repair near Wheaton, we will get your old worn deck in tip-top shape. Our professional contractors start with careful inspection of your decking, then remove wood impacted by rot and mildew, reinforce screws and members, and prepare the wood for our flawless deck refinishing services.


Our team uses only top-quality sealants that help keep harmful elements such as heavy rains and floods from damaging your deck. When you need deck finishing or deck refinishing we always provide top deck waterproofing Wheaton, to ensure your deck staining and the integrity of the wood decking lasts.

Deck Staining

For a more natural look for your decking, ask us for our expert services in deck staining Wheaton. We offer a variety of stains, from transparent to semi-transparent, to solid, there is something for everyone. Our contractors can even help you pick the right color and style for your decking.

Power Washing

Over time, your deck gets dirty making it looking old and worn. For professional deck cleaning Wheaton, call us for our deck power washing service. We use heavy machinery and effective, but safe, products that get rid of all dirt and grime. We will also inspect for possible deck repair required.

Deck Sealing

The trick to a long-lasting deck lies in proper deck sealing. Deck sealing protects the wood from the elements, while also adding a tasteful tone to the wood. We offer the best deck sealing Wheaton, at reasonable pricing. We will help your deck last longer with our top-quality sealants.

Deck Stain
Stripping and Painting

We can bring new life to your old and worn deck through deck refinishing Wheaton. We strip down and clean the deck with eco-friendly products, following up with professional deck sanding, staining, and sealing so that your deck looks brand new, and is ready to withstand any kind of weather.

Check Some Of Our Recent Deck Refinishing Wheaton Projects

Here are some of our recent projects in deck staining, deck refinishing and deck repair near Wheaton. We stand out among decking companies Wheaton for our dedication to quality work and the best customer service. Since 2013 we have provided residential and commercial decking Wheaton can really trust.

If you have been searching for the top decking companies Wheaton, we are your best choice. For deck repair and many other expert decking services, contact us at ANR Local Deck Repair Wheaton. Let us show you how our professional decking contractors can transform your deck.

Looking For Deck Cleaning, Deck Sealing, or Deck Staining Wheaton?
Check Our Professional Decking & Deck Refinishing Wheaton Services!

The deck on your home or business is an important space, and when it gets old and worn, it gives a bad impression and can even be unsafe. For that reason, when you are ready to invest in deck repairs and upgrades you only want to trust the best decking companies Wheaton with your property. For expert decking professionals in Wheaton, contact ANR Local Deck Repair near me Wheaton. Providing quality craftsmanship since 2013, we assess your project from top to bottom, and provide expert advice for the best result. We provide decking services Wheaton trusts. 

Our contractors handle everything decking, such as professional deck cleaning services by deck power washing, as well as tailor-made deck staining, deck sealing and waterproofing and deck refinishing Wheaton. We pride ourselves in great customer service. Our team is made up of only the best decking contractors. Whether your project is small or a big one, residential or commercial, ANR Local Deck Repair Wheaton will get it done efficiently at competitive pricing. Call us today to see how we can transform your old deck back to its pristine state.

Increasing Value of Your Property by Going With
Our Deck Repair Wheaton Services

Getting ahead with the deck repair near me  Wheaton for your home is much better than regretting major replacements or renovations later on. When your decking is in need of professional service, call on our company to help. We provide a wide range of services to keep every decking Wheaton in the best condition possible. 

Aside from deck repair, our contractors can be of assistance in making sure your deck looks neat and appealing, featuring our deck staining, deck refinishing, and deck sealing Wheaton. For your year-round enjoyment, our deck waterproofing, deck cleaning, and deck power washing Wheaton will have your decking looking pristine no matter the weather. Give your deck a treat with our professional services in the local suburbs. Get in touch with any of our contractors and inform us of the ideal day for our crew to pay your property a visit. We are happy to serve!

Why Choose ANR Local Deck Repair Near Wheaton?

Everything What You Need When You're Searching For Deck Repair Near Me Wheaton


Our team has been a staple in the community for many years performing projects that the entire community can admire. We are fast with every procedure including deck repair near me Wheaton, deck staining Wheaton and maintenance.


We are a company that doesn't like to waste any time getting to work so we show up on time consistently and make sure to use our time wisely. We want to get your project done as fast and efficiently as possible.


If you have any ideas of your own make sure you run them by one of our contractors. We think that by listening to our clients feedback we can improve upon our skills by taking on your requests and completing them.

Competitive Rates

Our pricing is amazing for our clients because it gives them an alternative that is affordable but still gives them amazing quality and advanced services such as deck waterproofing Wheaton. We never overcharge you for our work.

Licensed & insured

Your safety is our number one priority. Being one of the many licensed and bonded decking companies Wheaton allows us to perform your jobs in a way that is safe for your property and our employees as well.

Free Estimates

No matter if this is your first time or you have been coming to us for years, you get a FREE estimate from us which sets your project up for success and lets you know the ins and outs of what will take place.

What Should Be Your Priority
When It Comes to Deck Repair Wheaton?

It’s important to know what to prioritize for your deck repair near Wheaton if you want to preserve it to its best condition and to also save some budget along the way.

Safety is the most important aspect of any decking Wheaton. Contractors are trained to quickly detect compromise in the structure and misplaced elements like nails sticking out. When your decking can’t hold up on its own, then it’s not any safer for people to be on it. Our contractors have the expertise to inspect and repair poor deck frames, so you can enjoy it later.

Once the structure has been checked, mold growth is the next concern you should look into. Mildews and molds can be sneaky and hard to spot when they’re still at the beginning stage but that can leave drastic damage to your property when left unattended.

After everything has been done, the last thing you should perform is the sealing, staining, and painting. This ensures that after the deck refinishing Wheaton, your deck is completely intact with the deck staining, deck sealing, and deck refinishing done. All these services can effectively protect your deck from debris and damages.

Let Our Deck Repair Wheaton Company
Turn Your Backyard Into a Paradise

Extend The Lifespan Of Your Deck With Expert Deck Repair Near Wheaton

Decks can be refinished in many ways. A professional decking Wheaton contractor can help you achieve the level of result you want to ensure satisfaction. Whether you want to clean off the accumulated slime and mildew off your deck, wash or reapply stain for a fresher look, or completely bring the original look of your deck and ensure its structural integrity, our company can help you. Our professionals offer deck power washing, deck staining, deck sealing, deck waterproofing, deck refinishing and deck repair near me Wheaton services to make your backyard paradise dream a reality. For many years of service in Wheaton and its neighboring suburbs, we can help you restore the beauty of your deck using our high-quality materials, knowledge, and proven and modern techniques. No matter what material your decking Wheaton is made of, we can find a solution to make it beautiful once again.

Make Your Deck Last by Choosing Deck
Painting or Deck Staining Wheaton

Protecting your decking Wheaton with paint or stain is highly recommended and some reasons are given below. Although the decking boards are pressure treated to make them insects, fire, moisture, and other environmental hazards resistant, painting or staining your deck is well worth the hassle, time, and cost. 

A Matter of Style
Because you can still see the grain of the wood with the deck staining Wheaton method, it is very popular amongst people. Staining allows you to enjoy the natural look of the wood, while painting covers the wood entirely.

Playing it Safe
Safety starts with deck repair near me Wheaton and preventing slipping. Deck waterproofing ideas such as painting can become slippery when wet. Stained wood however does not and is also waterproof. Staining might be an option unless you opt for using an outdoor rug on slippery areas.

Faster to Apply
Staining your deck surface will take less time than painting the surface. If you want your deck ready in a hurry then deck staining Wheaton might be the better option for you.

Better, Lasting Coverage
Staining might be a quicker option, but painting allows the cracks to be filled in better, covering all imperfections. It provides long-term protection.

Whether you prefer painting or staining or need deck refinishing Wheaton we are here to assist you. Contact us as one of the best decking companies Wheaton area for all your decking needs including deck sealing and deck cleaning.

Testimonials of Our Deck Repair & Deck Staining Wheaton Work

" A big thank you to ANR for their awesome work on my deck. I was searching for deck repair near me in Wheaton services and they got my old deck back to how it looked before we bought the house. "
Caleb Houghton
" These guys are the go-to contractors for decking Wheaton. They refinished my deck for a really reasonable price and their customer service was awesome. Definitely better than other decking companies I have worked with. "
Patrick Carter
" The company that installed our deck didn’t offer affordable deck sealing in Wheaton and I had mildew problems. ANR repaired and refinished my deck with proper sealing and waterproofing and now I know it’s made to last. "
Gabriel Maxwell