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Known for our quality craftsmanship since 2013, ANR Local Deck Repair Naperville offers clients a variety of decking services. For new properties or renovations, we can help with all decking Naperville needs. We provide everything from deck refinishing to deck sealing, waterproofing, and deck repair near Naperville. For a shiny new look, we provide deck cleaning through professional deck power washing Naperville. We undertake residential or commercial projects, our team will get your deck back to its pristine form and ready for any conditions.

Our great reputation puts us above other decking companies Naperville, so you know you are in the best hands. Our crew is competent, skillful, thorough, and pride themselves in great work that looks beautiful, and is always strong and secure. We know your deck is the first impression, and a space to enjoy with your loved ones or clients and staff. 

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Deck Repair

Our team of expert contractors offers the best services for deck repair near Naperville. We will get your deck looking brand new, starting with careful inspection, we remove wood damaged by rot and mildew, reinforce members and screws, and meticulously prep for deck refinishing, so your decking is safe and beautiful.


For deck sealing and deck refinishing, we use the best sealants to help your deck remain pristine for as long as possible. For professional deck waterproofing Naperville you can trust our team to help protect your wood decking from heavy storms and flooding, avoiding problems related to rot and mildew.

Deck Staining

To get the most out of your decking, go with our deck staining Naperville services. Our professional contractors can stain in anything from totally transparent to solid stains, depending on your style and taste. Choose from our selection of quality stains or ask our professionals for their expert advice.

Power Washing

Our offer also contains professional deck cleaning services Naperville, for your home or commercial deck. Our power washing machine and cleaning substances will remove dirt and grime from your decking material and leave it looking shiny and new.

Deck Sealing

For a deck that lasts through time, you want proper deck sealing. Deck sealing protects the wood from nature, while also adding tasteful color to the wood. Our team offers only top-quality deck sealing Naperville, at affordable prices. We will ensure that your deck lasts longer with our top-quality sealants.

Deck Stain
Stripping and Painting

When your deck surface is in poor condition, we offer deck refinishing Naperville. We strip the old paint/stain and clean it with eco-friendly products and power tools. After that, our professional deck sanding, staining, and sealing will leave you with a deck in pristine condition that is made to last.

Check Some Of Our Recent Deck Refinishing Naperville Projects

Since 2013, property owners trust us to provide the best decking Naperville has to offer. For both residential and commercial projects, we guarantee quality and client satisfaction. Here you can find some of our previous decking projects.

For the best decking Naperville, you can trust our team of professional decking contractors. From deck cleaning and full deck repair to deck staining Naperville, we offer only the best results at competitive prices. For the best of the decking companies Naperville, contact us at ANR Local Deck Repair near me Naperville today.

Looking For Deck Cleaning, Deck Sealing, or Deck Staining Naperville?
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Your deck can easily be your pride and joy, or a total embarrassment. When your decking becomes old and worn, it looks bad for your home or business and can actually be dangerous. When you are ready to invest in getting your old deck back to an attractive and sturdy state, you only want to trust the best decking companies Naperville to get the job done. For true skillful decking professionals, contact ANR Local Deck Repair near me Naperville. Since 2013, we have worked with happy clients, building up our reputation for quality services in decking Naperville trusts. 

Our team provides a range of services such as deck power washing for deck cleaning, deck sealing, deck staining, and total deck refinishing Naperville, We only hire the best professional detail-oriented decking contractors who pride themselves in quality craftsmanship, and we have a reputation for great customer service. For a residential or commercial project, you can trust ANR Local Deck Repair Naperville to provide top-quality service at fair pricing. Contact us today to see how our team can help you to finish your next project.

Increasing Value of Your Property by Going With
Our Deck Repair Naperville Services

DIYs may be fun when you have the tools for it, but if you need a professional deck repair near Naperville, call on our company to get the job done! Our full range of services is well-known in the local suburbs. Over the years, we have gained the trust of many residents and to this day, we showcase our expertise in fixing and sprucing up decking Naperville in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs.

From deck cleaning to deck waterproofing, you can trust our services to further strengthen the quality of your decking Naperville and even heighten your curb appeal to attract more attention in your neighborhood. Having decking in your home is a great investment for your property. More than having a great area for lounging, this speaks volumes about your capacity to improve the condition of your home. Try our professional services today!

Why Choose ANR Local Deck Repair Near Naperville?

Everything What You Need When You're Searching For Deck Repair Near Me Naperville


Our team consists of experienced deck repair Naperville contractors who really love what they do. We complete deck repair, deck staining, and deck waterproofing Naperville projects in no time.


Our goal is to always give our best effort. This includes being on time and never procrastinating while doing your work. We think that your project should be taken seriously so we do just that.


We invite you to try new things with your decking Naperville projects such as going in creative directions. We think that every project is a chance to get the most out of our work and improve over time.

Competitive Rates

We strive to never overcharge for any of our services. We believe that everyone deserves to have a quality deck from experienced decking companies Naperville that is affordable and does not break the bank.

Licensed & insured

We want safety to be at the front of your mind. We take this very seriously and for that reason, we are a licensed and insured company that is certified and providing this for you. Rest assured we have you covered.

Free Estimates

We offer free estimates for any customer that chooses to work with us. Let's kick your decking Naperville project off the right way and give you a detailed depiction of exactly what will be taking place while we are working on your property.

What Should Be Your Priority
When It Comes to Deck Repair Naperville?

When it comes to deck repair near Naperville, it comes in different levels of urgency. The following will talk about how you can prioritize the repairs for your decking according to the severity and frequency of the issue.

The main priority that you need to consider is safety. With any decking Naperville services, this is the first and foremost factor that we look at. We ensure to inspect loose railing, deck boards, splintered wood, and protruding nails. Our contractors check for any safety concerns with the deck structural or framing. Old deckings are more prone to collapse, so we ensure to check into this if the whole structure needs deck repair done.

The next thing that we need to keep an eye out for is rotting and mold growth in the deck boards, deck posts, and deck framing. When you have these conditions on your deck, it can escalate quickly into the worst conditions. Our company provides deck cleaning Naperville to make sure it is cleaned thoroughly and will last for years.

The entire aesthetic of your decking would be the last priority. This is where deck staining, deck sealing, and deck power washing Naperville comes in. When properly cleaned, sealed, and waterproofed, your deck should be good to go!

Let Our Deck Repair Near Naperville Company
Turn Your Backyard Into a Paradise

Extend The Lifespan Of Your Deck With Expert Deck Repair Near Naperville

A well-taken care decking can last for many years. Long exposure to rain, UV radiation, mold, mildew, algae, and more can damage the structure of your decks. If you want to keep your deck in good condition, it is essential to have it maintained all the time. When it comes to your family’s home value and protection, always trust the professionals. Our professional decking Naperville company can help you with all of your decking needs. If you have an old deck at home and you are not using it because of its condition, we can handle it for you. We take pride in the work that we do, which is always evident from the result of our work. Whether you need deck power washing, deck staining, deck sealing, deck repair near me Naperville, and deck refinishing Naperville services, you can rely on us.

Make Your Deck Last by Choosing Deck
Painting or Deck Staining Naperville

Local weather can be tough and makes the effort, cost, and time taken for deck staining or painting worth it in the long term. Decking Naperville boards are made from pressure-treated wood to make them resistant to moisture, insects, fire, and other environmental hazards, but for many reasons, it is recommended to add an additional layer of protection such as paint or stain.

The Natural Look
The wood grain that shows through stain appeals to many people and makes this method popular. Paint hides the natural design of wood while the deck staining Naperville method keeps it looking natural.

Slip Proof
If you are worried about a slippery surface on a deck and do not intend to use an outdoor rug, then you might need to consider staining your deck. Painted wood can often be more slippery than stained wood when wet.

Ready Faster
If you do not have all day to spend on getting your deck ready, then staining might be the best option for you. Staining your deck surface will take less time than painting it. Deck refinishing Naperville service might be necessary to prepare the surface.

Better, Lasting Coverage
Painting your deck might take longer than staining it, but painting is better for covering imperfection, filling cracks and grooves, and providing protection for longer especially if combined with the proper deck repair Naperville process.

Contact us, one of the best decking companies Naperville, for all your decking requirements no matter your preference.

Testimonials of Our Deck Repair & Deck Staining Naperville Work

" Our deck really looked filthy before I hired ANR Local Deck Repair near me for deck cleaning. After they finished with power washing I am pretty sure I have the shiniest decking Naperville has ever seen! "
David Harrison
" I went with ANR Local Deck Repair near Naperville for deck refinishing based on good reviews, and now I am here to leave my own! Their services are fairly priced and the end-product does not disappoint. "
Toby Carr
" I built my own deck but didn’t trust myself with the finishing touches. We hired ANR for deck staining and they didn’t disappoint. Quick work and well done. Easily my recommendation for deck staining in Naperville. "
Gilberto Gibbs