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Since 2013,  ANR Local Deck Repair has been offering a range of decking services. For both residential or commercial properties, new projects, or renovations, we stand out among decking companies Lemont because of our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Our experienced contractors only provide the best decking Lemont has to offer. We are doing everything from deck refinishing to deck repair Lemont. If your deck looks old and worn, we offer deck cleaning to remove all dirt and grime. If your deck needs more work, ask us about our proven deck refinishing Lemont, top-quality deck staining followed by deck sealing, and deck waterproofing so it is ready for heavy weather. 

No matter the size of the project, our professional team will get your deck back to its pristine state, using the highest quality products, at affordable pricing. So for your next decking project, call the decking Lemont experts who care. Contact us at ANR today.

Check Our Deck Repair Lemont Services Deck Cleaning & Deck Staining Lemont

Deck Repair

When your decking gets old and unsafe, let us get your deck back to its prime. We offer the services in deck repair near Lemont trusts. Our professional contractors carefully inspect for rot and mildew, replacing wood where needed, and reinforcing screws and members. Lastly, we finish with top-notch deck refinishing.


Water can cause your deck a lot of damage without proper sealants. For this reason, we always recommend our professional services in deck waterproofing Lemont. When we finish or do deck refinishing for you, we will use powerful waterproof sealants to keep heavy rains and floods from damaging your deck.

Deck Staining

We offer only the best deck staining Lemont for more natural beauty for your decking. Carrying everything from transparent to solid stains, we do deck finishing to any style and taste. Choose from our quality stains yourself or ask our experts for suggestions based on your building and deck.

Power Washing

You can also find deck cleaning Lemont service in our offer, available for both residential or commercial properties. Outdoor spaces can be tough to clean, but our cleaning solutions and power washing tools will remove all the dirt ingrained into your decking and leave it looking super fresh.

Deck Sealing

A key strategy to maintaining your decking is deck sealing. Our deck sealing Lemont services are the most popular and important because sealants add color to your wood while protecting it from harmful UV rays and other elements. This service will guarantee your deck stays looking fresh.

Deck Stain
Stripping and Painting

When your decking is old worn and peeling, ask us about deck refinishing Lemont, so we can bring new life to your deck. We strip the old paint/stain down then we do deck sanding, deck staining, and sealing so your deck looks incredible and will last through any weather.

Check Some Of Our Recent Deck Refinishing Lemont Projects

Since 2013 we have worked with residential and commercial property owners, offering top-quality decking Lemont can trust. Standing out among other decking companies, we pride ourselves in quality work and great service, Take a look at our latest projects in deck refinishing, waterproofing, deck sealing, deck staining, and deck repair nearby Lemont

Don’t trust just any of the decking companies Lemont offers, hire the best team of expert contractors around. We pride ourselves on affordable quality decking Lemont can trust. From deck repair to deck refinishing, or deck cleaning, we get it done right. Contact us today at ANR Local Deck Repair nearby Lemont.

Looking For Deck Cleaning, Deck Sealing, or Deck Staining Lemont?
Check Our Professional Decking & Deck Refinishing Lemont Services!

When it comes to investing in renovations you want to be sure about your choices. If you need to refinish or repair your deck, you want to be confident the result is a stunning, sturdy and long lasting finish. For these reasons, and more, you only want to trust the best decking companies Lemont with decking renovations and repair. For decking professionals, contact ANR Local Deck Repair nearby Lemont. Since 2013 we have worked with satisfied clients in a range of projects, so we can help you assess your project and give you great results every time. We offer great services in decking Lemont trusts. 

Our offer includes a wide range of services, from professional deck cleaning Lemont, to personalized deck staining and deck refinishing, deck sealing and waterproofing, and more. All of our staff are professional, experienced decking contractors who pride themselves on their craftsmanship and always strive for excellent customer service. For residential and commercial properties alike, ANR Local Deck Repair Lemont can get the job done right, at competitive pricing. Call us now to get your next decking project finished!

Increasing Value of Your Property by Going With
Our Deck Repair Lemont Services

If you are looking to improve the overall facade of your house and increase its property value for potential buyers in the future, we can help you decorate or repair your decking Lemont for a fair price. Our contractors are passionate about serving homes with beautiful and strong deckings, which often includes deck repair, deck cleaning, and deck staining Lemont. For extra measures, we can provide the deck power washing or deck waterproofing your home needs to completely protect and prepare your decking for any sort of weather and outdoor element.

We find great joy in helping our clients achieve their biggest home goals. Our deck repair near Lemont service is only one way that we can provide you professional results within your afforded budget. Let us be your #1 choice for services concerning your decking Lemont. Consult us and schedule the best day for our visit.

Why Choose ANR Local Deck Repair Near Lemont?

Everything What You Need When You're Searching For Deck Repair Near Me Lemont


We provide a team of deck repair Lemont contractors who have been in the industry for a long time. We provide quality deck staining and deck repair near you in Lemont in a short time frame.


We get your jobs done quickly and efficiently. We leave no time wasted as we get your projects done using every second in a positive way. Our contractors are punctual and show up ready to work every day.


We look for ways to grow our knowledge base with every project we take on. For this reason, we are always open to new suggestions to give us new challenging tasks that allow us to sharpen our deck refinishing Lemont skills.

Competitive Rates

Compared to other decking companies Lemont we provide the best rates we can for our clients giving them amazing services for a price they can manage. We think everyone should have a great looking deck.

Licensed & insured

We abide by all safety regulations for decking companies Lemont which allows us to work on your deck in a way that is the letter of the law. We are licensed and insured to perform the various services we provide.

Free Estimates

Every customer that comes to ANR will get a FREE estimate to get the ball rolling on their new project. We do this for both residential and commercial jobs to get a head start on the work that needs to be done.

What Should Be Your Priority
When It Comes to Deck Repair Lemont?

When it comes to performing deck repair near Lemont, there are areas that you prioritize and some areas that are not so urgent. If you’re not well-versed, here’s a simple guide to help you through.

Loose deck boards or railings, splintered wood, and protruding nails - these are some of the things you should observe on your decking before anything else. Even the most beautiful decking Lemont won’t be appealing if it has safety issues in place. The good news here is our company with great expertise in deck repair Lemont, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Aside from safety standards, health should also be prioritized. Our team has eagle eyes when it comes to detecting rotting boards. If not addressed, this would affect the deck’s framing and eventually jeopardize its structure as well. You would most likely need deck repair near Lemont services.

Lastly, you should look into the exterior design of the decking. In this case, this means servicing for deck staining, deck sealing, deck waterproofing, and in some instances, whole deck refinishing Lemont to prevent debris, rotting, and water from penetrating your deck structure.

Let Our Deck Repair Lemont Company
Turn Your Backyard Into a Paradise

Entertaining, reading, sunbathing, dining, barbecuing are some of the activities that you can enjoy doing on your deck. However, here in Lemont, we experience rain, intense UV exposure, and cold weather. And these can affect the condition of many things like your decking Lemont. If you have decking at home, but you are not using it because it is in poor condition, our decking Lemont company can help you restore your home’s beauty and integrity. Whether your deck is made of pretreated sun wood, exotic hardwood, or softwood like cedar or fit, our decking Lemont contractors can help you enhance and protect it. We offer top-notch services like deck staining, deck sealing, deck waterproofing, deck refinishing and deck repair near me in Lemont. We believe that good communication is important to ensure that your expectations are met. So give us a call today to get started with your decking project.

Make Your Deck Last by Choosing Deck
Painting or Deck Staining Near Lemont

Extend The Lifespan Of Your Deck With Expert Deck Repair Near Lemont

Especially in the local area, it is worth the effort, money, and time to do deck staining or painting. The pressure treated wood in the decking Lemont boards may be resistant to insects, fire, moisture, and other environmental hazards, but in the long-run adding extra protection is best.

Your Style
There are many who prefer deck staining Lemont the deck as you can still see the grain of the wood afterward. They prefer the natural look over paint that covers the wood completely.

Playing it Safe
Some deck sealing Lemont techniques like painting can become very slippery in wet weather. You can use an outdoor rug on slippery surfaces or you can stain your deck instead. Stained wood will not result in people slipping and falling on your deck.

Faster to Apply
Staining a deck is faster than covering the surface with paint. If you are pressed for time and need your deck functional in a rush then staining is the best option. Proper deck cleaning Lemont is recommended prior to either option.

Longer Lasting Coverage
You might save time with staining, but painting enables you to fill all the grooves and paint over any imperfections and give longer-lasting results and protection.

We cater to all your decking needs being the top choice in decking companies Lemont. Contact us today for everything from deck repair nearby, deck waterproofing, deck refinishing to deck power washing. Let us prolong the life of your deck with our choice of staining or painting services.

Testimonials of Our Deck Repair & Deck Staining Lemont Work

" I was looking for deck repair near me and I've called this company. I thought my back deck was beyond saving but they fixed and refinished it in no time. I am sure I have the nicest decking Lemont has ever seen! "
Charles Lawrence
" I would definitely recommend this company for deck cleaning in Lemont. Their deck power washing made my deck look almost brand new, awesome! The contractor was really polite and efficient in their work. "
Jamie Owen
" Our deck was painted before and I hated it, so when we did deck refinishing Lemont with ANR I asked them to help pick the deck staining. We went with a semi-transparent stain that looks amazing. Highly recommended! "
Elliot Russell