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When you’re looking for someone to repair or refinish your residential or commercial decking, you want the best of decking companies Downers Grove has to offer. Working with happy clients since 2013, ANR Local Deck Repair is your go to for decking Downers Grove. Our team of contractors is experienced, detail-oriented, and passionate about delivering top-quality decking services. 

Whether you have a brand new property or need deck repair near Downers Grove, we can help. We offer services in deck staining, deck cleaning, deck refinishing, and more. If your deck is still in good shape but looks old, we can bring it new life. We offer deck cleaning via deck power washing, and for a deck in worse shape, we perform total deck refinishing Downers Grove. Let us repair your deck and finish with top-quality deck staining, deck sealing, and deck waterproofing so that it’s ready for any weather. 

For top quality and affordable decking Downers Grove, call us today. 

Check Our Deck Repair Downers Grove Services Deck Cleaning & Deck Staining Downers Grove

Deck Repair

When your deck is old and potentially unsafe, our expert contractors will get your deck back in shape with our services for deck repair Downers Grove. We start by carefully inspecting your deck, removing wood damaged by rot and mildew, reinforcing members and screws, and finally prepping for deck refinishing.


Deck waterproofing is an important part of a new deck or the deck refinishing process. Our deck waterproofing Downers Grove uses sealants to provide protection against rains, and flooding, helping your deck last for years to come. Waterproofing sealants also protect the stain and wood from damaging UV rays.

Deck Staining

Our contractors offer the best quality deck staining Downers Grove. Deck staining is a way to give a more natural beauty to your deck, from transparent, semi-transparent, to solid stains, you can finish the wood to your style. Ask our expert professionals for advice on the best stain for you.

Power Washing

Dirt and grime build up on your deck over time, making it look old and worn. For deck cleaning Downers Grove, we offer professional deck power washing. With our heavy machinery and eco-friendly cleaners, we make your deck shine. We will also inspect your deck for possible deck repair required.

Deck Sealing

One of our most popular services, deck sealing will help you reduce costly decking repair in the future. Our professional deck sealing Downers Grove services will ensure your deck is protected from harsh UV rays and from the elements, as well as add an additional attractive pigment to the wood.

Deck Stain
Stripping and Painting

When your deck gets old hire our services for deck refinishing Downers Grove. Our contractors will remove the old paint/stain to bare wood. Next, we do deck sanding and deck staining, finishing with sealing so it is ready for any weather. All of our cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly.

Check Some Of Our Recent Deck Refinishing Downers Grove Projects

Local property owners trust us because we offer the best in decking Downers Grove since 2013. Our team is known among decking companies for top-quality work and great service. Check our recent deck staining, deck repair, waterproofing, deck sealing, and deck refinishing Downers Grove projects.

For the best of the deck repair near Downers Grove, contact us today at ANR Local Deck Repair. Our expert contractors offer top-quality professional decking Downers Grove at competitive prices for residential and commercial decks. From deck repair to deck refinishing, we will get your deck looking amazing in no time.

Looking For Deck Cleaning, Deck Sealing, or Deck Staining Downers Grove?

Check Our Professional Decking & Deck Refinishing Downers Grove Services!

We know that the investment to improve your decking is no small venture, and you want to be sure that you get your money’s worth. Your deck should be a beautiful place to enjoy with your family, or clients. When you fix your deck, you want the result to be clean, polished, and sturdy, and you only want to trust the best decking companies Downers Grove with the task. For experienced contractors in all things decking Downers Grove, contact ANR Local Deck Repair. We pride ourselves in satisfied clients since 2013, and our experience allows us to assess your project and offer the best solution, every time. 

We provide a variety of services such as deck refinishing, deck sealing, and waterproofing as well as professional deck staining Downers Grove services. We only hire the best detail-oriented decking contractors and we are known for great customer service. Whatever the job, you can trust ANR Local Deck Repair near me  Downers Grove to get it done right. Call us now to see how our expert staff can help you bring your vision to life today.

Increasing Value of Your Property by Going With
Our Deck Repair Downers Grove Services

Any great decking Downers Grove deserves proper treatment. Especially when it comes to repairs, only the experts should handle the work. Over the years, our company has many countless clients happy with our superb services. We handle every project smoothly and with no hurdles along the way. Just entrust the details with us and we will take care of everything. 

From the best materials to be applied to the highest quality equipment to be used, we have got everything covered, so there are no worries on your end. For every project we handle, we aspire for promising results that will serve you well. We bring satisfaction to every property in need of a deck repair near Downers Grove with our utmost professionalism and expertise in the industry. At our company, we keep our prices low and our standards high. Have your decking Downers Grove fixed by us.

Why Choose ANR Local Deck Repair Near Downers Grove?

Everything What You Need When You're Searching For Deck Repair Near Me Downers Grove


We have been perfecting our decking Downers Grove skills for years in the area. We are able to perform deck repair Downers Grove and deck staining Downers grove in no time plus give you the maintenance you need afterwards.


We work countless hours to provide our clients with efficient service that they can count on. We believe that time is money and for this reason, we utilize every second in a useful manner by showing up on time consistently.


We take suggestions from our clients as well giving us the ability to use our imaginations to push the industry forward. We think that learning never stops and with every different project, we have a chance to upgrade our skills in the process.

Competitive Rates

Because decks are crucial points in your home and add a unique feel to your overall structure we believe that everyone deserves a quality deck for an affordable price that includes deck repair near Downers grove as well.

Licensed & insured

We are a company that is licensed and insured to give our customers peace of mind that our jobs are being completed in a safe manner. We believe in doing things the right way and having these licenses adds another layer to that.

Free Estimates

Any customer that chooses us for their deck refinishing Downers Grove work will receive a FREE estimate no matter what. This allows us to give you a great vision of how your project will turn out and how much it will cost.

What Should Be Your Priority
When It Comes to Deck Repair Downers Grove?

Deck repairs have different levels of urgency. Here you’ll know how to prioritize the repairs you need for your decking according to severity and frequency of issues:

Our top priority is safety with any deck repair near Downers Grove. We will inspect any loose railing, deck boards, splintered wood, and protruding nails in your decking. Old decks are more prone to collapse, which is why most decking companies prioritize these structures because they need more repair work.

Next, we keep an eye out for any rotting and mold growth around the deck boards, deck posts, and deck framing. In worse conditions, these conditions can escalate quickly and result in higher costs of having a deck repair done. Our company provides deck power washing and deck waterproofing Downers Groveto ensure your deck is clean and will last for years.

Lastly, the overall aesthetic of your decking Downers Grove. In this step, deck staining, deck sealing, and possible deck power washing comes in. When the proper cleaning is done, we will seal and waterproof all corners to prevent any mold, growth, dusting, and fast damages. These steps will ensure an optimum deck in your home.

Deck Repair Near Downers Grove
Turn Your Backyard Into a Paradise

Your deck at home is your place to relax and spend quality time with your friends and family. All decks need maintenance to ensure your family’s safety and to keep the integral structure of your place. UV radiation can soften wood decks, and harsh weather can make your deck rot, soften, and deteriorate if not addressed or well-maintained. Allow our decking Downers Grove company to tackle the regular maintenance with our proven solution and techniques. We love to rescue decks and to restore their integrity with our decking Downers Grove services like deck repair, deck staining, deck sealing, deck waterproofing, deck refinishing Downers Grove, and more. Whether you need a good power wash or repair your railing, our contractors can do it for you. With our many years of experience, use of top-notch materials, and highly-trained team, we can make your dream backyard paradise a reality.

Make Your Deck Last by Choosing Deck
Painting or Deck Staining Downers Grove

Extend The Lifespan Of Your Deck With Expert Deck Repair Near Downers Grove

The pressure-treated decking boards are resistant to fire, insects, moisture, and other environmental hazards. However looking after your decking Downers Grove by painting or staining it will make it last a lot longer and is worth the effort, cost, and time required. 

Your Style
You can still appreciate the natural grain of the wood when using the deck staining Downers Grove method. This natural look the wood retains is preferred by many people. Paint is a popular deck sealing Downers Grove method but does completely cover the wood and takes away from the natural feel of wood.

Playing it Safe
With searching for  deck repair near me Downers Grove you can prevent people from tripping, but to stop them from slipping you need to rather stain than paint your wood. Many people use paint as deck waterproofing and although it protects the wood it can be slippery when wet. You might need an outdoor rug on your painted surface.

Faster to Apply
If you are looking for fast application and results for your deck then staining is the right option for you. It takes less time to cover a deck surface than painting it.

Better, Lasting Coverage
Painting is better for filling those cracks and covering less than perfect areas. Staining might be quicker but paint offers protection that lasts longer.

If you want your deck to be protected for years, we can help. As one of the best decking companies Downers Grove offering decking services. Contact us for your deck painting, deck staining or deck repair near Downers Grove.

Testimonials of Our Deck Repair & Deck Staining Downers Grove Work

" We put in a new deck ourselves but wanted to hire professional deck staining and sealing. ANR did a great job, from the quote to the finished project. The best crew for deck staining near Downers Grove. "
Jake Allen
" We searched for deck repair near me in Downers Grove and the good reputation of ANR Local Deck Repair is absolutely deserved. We hired them for deck refinishing and our deck might as well be a new one. Thank you! "
Aiden Cunningham
" After we experienced flooding in our backyard last year we realized we needed deck waterproofing. The contractors were friendly, efficient, and the deck looks great. I highly recommend ANR for deck waterproofing Downers Grove needs. "
Hayden George