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Since 2013, ANR Local Deck Repair has landed at the top of decking companies Bolingbrook trusts for their decking needs. From deck staining, to deck refinishing, deck cleaning, and deck repair near Bolingbrook, we pride ourselves in quality work and top-notch customer service. Whether you have a new property or are renovating, our team is the go to for quality and affordable decking Bolingbrook. 

All of our staff are detail-oriented professionals who pride themselves on a job well done. We can help your old porch look like new through deck power washing, or take an even deeper approach with our tried and true services for deck refinishing Bolingbrook. We finish with deck staining, deck sealing, and deck waterproofing Bolingbrook, so it is ready for any weather. 

We know that improving your deck is an important investment, and we will work to make sure you are satisfied. So whether for residential or commercial properties, big or small projects, call us today.

Check Our Deck Repair Bolingbrook Services Deck Cleaning & Deck Staining Bolingbrook

Deck Repair

When your decking gets old, damaged, and unsafe, our professional contractors are ready to offer you top-quality deck repair Bolingbrook. We inspect your deck for rot and mildew and replace the wood, as well as reinforcing members and screws, and prep the wood before we carry out flawless deck refinishing.


Using waterproof sealants to keep out water and protect your wood can be called deck waterproofing. Our services for deck waterproofing Bolingbrook are sure to help your deck to last for longer, by both protecting the beautiful deck staining as well as the integrity and strength of the wood itself.

Deck Staining

Deck staining is a way to give a beautiful and more natural look to your deck. We offer a quality deck staining Bolingbrook. Whether you prefer darker solid stains or a natural transparent look, we have it all. Ask our professionals to help you choose the best stain for your decking.

Power Washing

Sometimes when your deck gets older, it just needs some TLC. For deck cleaning, ask about our deck power washing Bolingbrook services. Outdoor areas can seem like they are impossible to clean, but with our machinery and environmentally friendly cleaning products, we will get your decking looking brand new.

Deck Sealing

A proper deck sealing will save you from costly repairs down the road. Our deck sealing services Bolingbrook not only help protect the wood from the elements but also add an attractive pigment to your decking. Our tried and true sealing process ensures your decking stays looking great for longer.

Deck Stain
Stripping and Painting

When your deck surface gets old and worn, we offer deck refinishing Bolingbrook. We will strip the old paint/stain off the wood. All of our stripping solutions are eco-friendly and effective. We sand down, stain, and finish with deck sealing so it looks excellent and is ready for all the seasons.

Check Some Of Our Recent Deck Refinishing Bolingbrook Projects

Since 2013, we have been working with happy property owners in all things decking Bolingbrook. We have a reputation among decking companies for top-quality work and service. Check below some of our latest deck repair, deck refinishing, deck sealing, waterproofing, and deck staining Bolingbrook jobs, both residential and commercial.

For top-quality decking Bolingbrook, you can count on our team of professional decking contractors. From deck repair to deck refinishing and even deck cleaning Bolingbrook, we offer only the best results at affordable prices. For the best of decking companies Bolingbrook, contact us at ANR Local Deck Repair Bolingbrook today.

Looking For Deck Cleaning, Deck Sealing, or Deck Staining Bolingbrook?
Check Our Professional Decking & Deck Refinishing Bolingbrook Services!

Your deck is more than just a part of your home or business, it is a place to relax with loved ones and co-workers, and it is usually the initial impression for your home. With that in mind, a clean, polished, and strong deck is important, and you should only trust the best decking companies Bolingbrook. ANR Local Deck Repair has a team of expert professionals, who handle all things connected to decking Bolingbrook. Serving happy property owners since 2013, we help you evaluate your project and offer advice for the best approach for your decking needs. 

We offer professional deck cleaning services via deck power washing Bolingbrook,  as well as personalized deck sealing and waterproofing, and deck staining. We are known for the services in full deck refinishing Bolingbrook trusts. We pride ourselves in great customer service, as well as our professional detail-oriented decking contractors who work hard until you’re happy. Whether residential or commercial, you can trust ANR Local Deck Repair Bolingbrook to finish the job. Contact us today and let our helpful staff bring life back to your deck.

Increasing Value of Your Property by Going With
Our Deck Repair Bolingbrook Services

Deck repair near Bolingbrook is quite common in the suburbs, but not all decking companies have the expertise to deliver every client’s needs. So when it comes to repairing your beloved deck, trust the work to the real experts! Our company takes pride in our innovative ways of handling repairs, power washing, and deck sealing Bolingbrook, just to name some of our services. We deliver solid results that would surely make you fall in love with your decking Bolingbrook – again! 

Aside from repairs, our company is ready to take on any deck power washing, deck waterproofing, or deck refinishing Bolingbrook tasks you have for us. Our work is high-quality and efficient for the timely completion of the project. Once our service is done, expect your curb appeal to go higher and for more residents to swoon over your aesthetic decking Bolingbrook. Give us a call today!

Why Choose ANR Local Deck Repair Bolingbrook?

Everything What You Need When You're Searching For Deck Repair Near Me Bolingbrook


We have a deep level of experience doing decking Bolingbrook work in the area for many years. We feature, deck staining, deck repair near me Bolingbrook, and many other services in record time.


We believe wasting time is very inefficient to both you and our decking companies Bolingbrook. For this reason we strive to use every minute in a useful way to get the most out of your time and ours.


We are always looking for ways to push our skills forward. For this reason we listen to our customers' requests and put those thoughts into memory to become better decking Bolingbrook contractors after every job.

Competitive Rates

We feel that every family is entitled to a beautiful deck and for these reasons we try to keep our pricing as reasonable as possible for our clients including deck waterproofing Bolingbrook service, so that they are able to afford the services we provide.

Licensed & insured

We understand that safety is a prime concern for you and your family. We take preventative steps to help you in this endeavor by getting licensed and bonded to protect against any accidents that may occur. Which gives you peace.

Free Estimates

Every customer that chooses our decking Bolingbrook company gets the FREE estimate we provide. No matter if you have a commercial or residential project that you are working on we are always ready to help and we offer this guarantee for you!

What Should Be Your Priority
When It Comes to Deck Repair Near me Bolingbrook?

There are layers to a deck repair. As a property owner, you should know when to have which part inspected and repaired when the time calls for it. Here are the things you need to know about prioritizing various deck repair Bolingbrook needs.

The first thing that contractors look into is the overall safety and structural integrity of the decking. Are there safety issues that need to be addressed soon? Our team is ready to inspect the decking as a whole including the railings, deck boards, nails, and wood panels. If something doesn’t look right, we’ll do further tests and perform the right repair needed.

Next to safety, everyone’s health is also a priority. If you have existing molds and mildew on your decking, then it better to be addressed immediately. Our deck power washing and deck cleaning Bolingbrook would do the trick. We’ll get into all the tricky corners of your decking and remove all traces of rotting.

Once your decking is safe and strong, the last thing to address is the overall look and feel of the deck. Our services include deck sealing, deck staining, and deck refinishing Bolingbrook to fulfill your desired aesthetic.

Let Our Deck Repair Bolingbrook Company
Turn Your Backyard Into a Paradise

Do you have an old deck at home? A beautiful deck can increase the overall value of your home and your outdoor living opportunities. Here in Bolingbrook, with various weather conditions, it can cause your deck to rot or soften after long exposure to harsh weather. Even UV radiation can damage your deck condition. That is why it is necessary to have your decking Bolingbrook repaired or refinished to ensure their condition and to keep your family safe when using them. Our decking Bolingbrook company can help you with deck repair, deck staining, deck sealing, deck waterproofing, and deck refinishing Bolingbrook. No matter what your deck needs, our contractor will evaluate the condition of your decking, and we will give you a solution to restore the surface and make your deck safe for your family. Give us a call today, so we can start making your backyard paradise a reality!

Make Your Deck Last by Choosing Deck
Painting or Deck Staining Bolingbrook

Deck Repair Near Me Bolingbrook: Expert Deck Painting or Staining in Bolingbrook for Long-Lasting Durability

Deck staining and painting have many undisputed benefits that make them worth the money, time, and effort in the long term. Even though decking Bolingbrook wood has been pressure treated to make it more resistant to moisture, insects, fire, and other environmental hazards, having an extra layer of protection does not hurt.

A Matter of Style
A lot of people prefer to stain their decking Bolingbrook as this method retains the natural grain and look of the wood. Paint on the other hand covers the natural look completely.

Playing it Safe
Painted wood can often be more slippery than stained wood when wet. If you are worried about a slippery deck and do not want to get an outdoor rug then deck staining Bolingbrook might be for you.

Faster to Apply
Covering your deck with the staining method is generally a lot faster than painting it. If you want your deck to be ready faster with less work time then deck staining Bolingbrook is the best option.

Better, Lasting Coverage
Staining your deck might be faster but painting it does have the benefits of filling the grooves, hiding imperfections, and giving protection for longer.
Whether you prefer painting or staining it is important to select top-notch decking companies Bolingbrook. We offer decking Bolingbrook services for all your decking needs. Contact us today!

Testimonials of Our Deck Repair & Deck Staining Bolingbrook Work

" I hired ANR for their deck refinishing Bolingbrook services and I am very satisfied with the result. My old deck was totally transformed by the contractors. I definitely recommend them to fix up your deck! "
Ewan Hopkins
" Highly recommended these deck repair services! My deck had water damage and all the old stain was worn down, ANR fixed it all up and it looks super good. Definitely the best of the deck repair near me Bolingbrook. "
Anthony Scott
" I really needed deck cleaning and deck repair near me so I hired ANR for deck power washing Bolingbrook services and I am amazed at how new my deck looks. The staff was friendly and they did the job quickly and efficiently. "
Lucas Morris